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As we learn to work in one of our strangest years on record, the pandemic has also presented organisations with opportunities to fast track their digital transformation journey. Customers are still as demanding as ever,whether staff are in the office or working from home – these days it does not matter. 

We have seen change that ordinarily takes years, happening within weeks. Data is available in many different sources, however, organisations need to ensure data is available to customers in a way they understand. This includes the use of workflows, dashboards and prioritising information that people need most. 

Through this pandemic and beyond, cooperation between the public and  private sector is key to finding ways to provide digital services to customers. 

The challenge is to ensure that staff can work smarter not harder. A Single Customer View (SCV) can provide important tools for your frontline staff and CX Leaders. 

SCV enables organisations to create a 360˚ view of the customer.Customer information is collected, checked, cleansed and improved by connecting  all data sets and combining the available information into a single ‘Golden Record’. 

According to recent research, CX leaders agree that not having a SCV and customer journey is the greatest challenge for effectively managing and  measuring the customer experience. Without the SCV and real-time insights,organisations can struggle to deliver the quality outcomes their customers seek today. 

This year has thrown a massive curve ball to many organisations,pivoting from traditional office settings and spaces with on-premise servers and systems to shifting entire workforces to work from home. Many systems allowfor some form of remote access whether it be a true cloud solution or some form of hybrid model. 

Customers interact with organisations via multiple channels. They may send an email, call the contact centre, engage via webchat, send a message via  social channels, etc. Does your entire CX Team have visibility of all these channels plus other corporate systems? Data may be stored in a CRM system, Document Management System, social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Agora Pulse and so on. 

The CX team have a challenging role in dealing with many customer  enquiries each and every day. One of the greatest challenges for the frontline  teams is access to data, usually stored in any number of legacy systems in‘data silos’ with little or no true integration between systems. There is no SCV in order to provide a personalised customer experience. 

Customers hate repeating themselves and trying to find data in multiple systems may result in the customer needing to repeat information several times during an interaction. 

Data Warehouse v SCV 

“But we have a data warehouse. We don’t need anything else!” 

There is a big difference between a data warehouse and a SCV. 

While a data warehouse collects high volumes of structured and  unstructured data, it does not necessarily need to match to a customer and will not go through the necessary checking, cleansing and enhancement process thatis key to the SCV. 

Often confused with other data integration projects like data warehouse,a SCV aggregates data from different streams. 

A big part of the challenge faced by organisations involves what is known as ‘data quality’. Organisations need tools that are able to cleanse,match, enrich and unify disparate customer data records into a true SCV. 

Data quality errors hinder accurate matching – even when multiple  systems use the same identifier, small differences in the way the identifier is recorded in each system often make it impossible to uniquely match records across systems. Other factors include, different spellings of names, mobile versus home/business telephone numbers, and work versus personal email addresses. 

The answer is DREAMS (Data Records Electronic Auotmated Management  System). DREAMS can provide your organisation with a low cost, powerful  solution to the SCV issues. There is no need to replace any of your legacy systems, although if it is appropriate, you may choose to use the opportunity to upgrade at the same time whether you choose to upgrade concurrently or down the track, when the time comes for review or renewal of a particular system, we can help you make that informed decision. 

Our DREAMS platform enables organisations faced with exploding volumes  of business information to find ways to organise content at scale, drive automation, and extract insights to move the business forward. DREAMS includes Alfresco Intelligence (AI) Services to automatically enrich content and gainvaluable insights by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(ML) services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This whole Digital Transformation connects people, processes and technology with intelligent automation to boostorganisation growth, reduce costs, mitigate risk and deliver an exceptionaluser experience. 

Reach out to the Cloud Burst team to arrange a free demo to see the difference. 

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