• DREAMS Content Services

    Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and Content Services platform.


    DREAMS Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    DREAMS Content Services offers full-featured Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management System (DMS) for organisations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and 24×7 support for business-critical content and compliance.

    Open technology and a wide range of integrations and add-on modules make it easy to customize and easy to customise and extend the DREAMS Content Services platform to meet ever-changing business requirements.

    DREAMS can be deployed to satisfy various use cases such as Document Management System, Enterprise Content Management Platform, Content Services Platform and Records Management solutions.

  • DREAMS ECM features

    document scanning

    Document Scanning & Capture

    Scan documents directly from MFP or USB-connected scanners to Document Management System, with advanced OCR / ICR and handwriting recognition capabilities.

    document management

    Document Management

    Store, manage, version and annotate all types of documents into a single repository, from MS Office documents, to images, PDF, Audio, Video files and Engineering Drawings.

    enterprise collaboration

    Enterprise Collaboration

    Modern platform to allow teams to work on content from anywhere, anytime, with the devices of their choice. Advanced features to facilitate enhanced user productivity .

    powerful search

    Powerful Search & Discovery

    Built-in full-text search engine to ensure your documents are never lost. Faceted search to empower users to narrow down the search results to reach to the right content..

    information governance

    Information Governance & Archival

    Industry Standard Information Governance and Records Management System to comply to various regulatory standards such as VERS, DoD 5015.2 or ISO 16715.


    Application Integration & Open API

    Industry standard APIs to enable integration with third-party applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office and much more for seamless content management.

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