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    Return to the workplace with confidence.

    Reopen safely with intelligent monitoring systems: protect staff, visitors and contractors with solutions for a safer work environment.

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    What is DreamsEdge?

    Improving efficiencies and productivity with real time asset and staff tracking

    Features include:
    • COVID tracing
    • Incident Management
    • Medication Management
    • Real-time location and tracking of staff, guests, residents (health and aged care), high and low value assets, environment conditions, duress situations and much more.
    • Track where staff and equipment are located on a floor plan
    • Monitor and raise alerts when temperature, humidity or moisture levels exceed a threshold.
    • Respond to audits for COVID safe density requirements
    • Raise alerts for help in duress situations
    • Report on traffic patterns and utilisation levels of monitored assets
    • Maintain historical data on asset location
  • DreamsEdge functionality

    cost saving

    Cost saving

    Use our cutting-edge encrypted Bluetooth Tags and gateways to build up a reliable and low-maintenance Bluetooth-based infrastructure monitoring solution.

    reduced downtime

    Reduced downtimes

    Use assets to their full potential with our easy to integrate online services such as asset monitoring with anomaly warning notifications. Also Geo-fence assets from entering or leaving specific downtimes.

    improve bottom line

    Improved bottom line

    DreamsEdge gives you insights on usage & idle times of all assets, improving utilisation and productivity with the advanced analytics engine. Giving you all the data and the tools to optimize the work processes and to make the best business decisions.

    compliance and risk mitigation

    Compliance & risk mitigation

    DreamsEdge gives you all the data and traceability to protect your staff and assets and mitigate any risks before they happen. With Contact Tracing every 10 seconds isolate and sterilize without having to close your businesses doors is possible.

  • Software

    Businesses in today’s corporate landscape need to be able to track and locate valuable mobile assets at a moments notice; there has never been more demand for transparency. Accurate location data helps management not only track items but also manage compliance, servicing and depreciation. DreamsEdge web based software allows staff to access location data and view it on a live floor plan from any device with a web browser. Printing reports, managing compliance and usage data has never been easier.
    • Real time location service
    • Multiple log ins
    • Customisable reports and analytics
    • Asset history
    • Multiple Floorplans
    • Notification via SMS or Emails when rules are broken

    Bluetooth Devices

    The DreamsEdge unique Bluetooth (BLE) Asset Tracking solution extends tracking well beyond the capabilities of RFID or GPS. Our software and devices work seamlessly to track, manage and maximise the utilisation of high value assets. Regardless of what you would like to track, the Real Time Locating System (RTLS) will provide your business with the insights you require. Our UX team takes great care in designing all our solutions to fit the client’s specific needs, whether it’s mobile medical devices in hospitals, physical assets in a business or car fleets.
    Our solution utilises Wi-Fi to BLE wireless gateways, BLE devices and local, private or cloud based servers. Each BLE device contains a unique ID that users can identify to a specific asset. Communication between the bluetooth devices and gateways is customisable and can be set to 1 second, 5 seconds and even daily calls with accuracy being as close as half a metre.
    As our RTLS uses a low powered BLE frequency it does not disturb or interfere with other frequencies, making it ideal for sensitive facilities such as hospitals.

    IoT Sensors

    Plug and play Sensors for Temperature, Humidity and Ambient Light are also integrated with real time location. Simply plug the DreamsEdge gateway into your home or business network and setup the sensors in the areas you would like to monitor. If you already have DreamsEdge gateways in the infrastructure the sensors will automatically work with our current DreamsEdge solution.
    • Monitor temperature
    • Monitor humidity
    • Monitor ambient light
    • Battery powered 18 months
    • Send staff notifications if monitored area is out of set ranges or any unusual anomalies
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    Quotation Terms and Conditions
    1.   Application of Terms and Conditions
    1.1     The details provided under the heading Quotation identify the party purchasing and/or renting the goods and/or services listed (the Client). By signing this agreement, or by supplying a Purchase Order which references this agreement, the Client agrees to the conditions of sale and/or rental herein.
    1.2     Orders are accepted subject to the conditions of sale and/or rental as herein provided by CLOUD BURST AUSTRALIA PTY LTD A.C.N 622 303 253 (the Contractor). Any variation of these conditions is inapplicable unless accepted in writing by the Contractor.
    2.   Law Applicable:
    2.1     This agreement is governed in all respects by the laws of the state of Victoria and the parties agree to submit to that jurisdiction in respect to the terms herein.
    3.   Pricing, Taxes and Duties:
    3.1     Pricing is subject to the ongoing availability of the items quoted. In the event of the quoted goods being unavailable, the Contractor reserves the right to withdraw and/or reissue this quote accordingly.
    3.2     Pricing is subject to USD/AUD fluctuation. In the event of an exchange rate movement the
    Contractor reserves the right to withdraw and/or reissue this quote accordingly.
    3.3     Pricing is subject to the quantities quoted and the Contractor reserves the right to adjust the
    Unit Price accordingly if a change to quantity is requested by the Client.
    3.4     All goods and services are quoted exclusive of GST and any other duties and taxes unless specifically listed.
    3.5     Where applicable, all taxes and other duties payable upon the production and/or delivery of the goods shall be added to the price and shall be paid by the Client.
    4.   Condition of Goods and Warranty:
    4.1     All goods are supplied in the stated condition (Condition of Goods) and are covered by the stated warranty (the Warranty). All goods are guaranteed by the Contractor to be genuine, original product from the stated manufacturer.
    4.2     In the event that the Warranty is supplied by CLOUD BURST AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (rather than the hardware manufacturer), it is a requirement of the Warranty that the hardware is tested by the Customer within 21 days of the hardware being made available to the Customer. If the Customer fails to commission the hardware in this time, any such warranty will be reduced to a maximum of 30 days.
    4.3     No Condition or Warranty is expressed or implied as to the life or wear of the goods supplied, or that they will be suitable for any particular purpose or for use under any specific conditions, notwithstanding that such purpose or condition may be known by or be made known to the Contractor.
    4.4     Any express or implied statement, condition or warranty, statutory or otherwise, not stated herein is hereby excluded and deemed to be inconsistent herewith. No responsibility is accepted by the Contractor for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly out of the goods supplied or for any damage or loss arising by reason of any failure of the goods supplied. Furthermore, the Contractor shall be under no liability in Contract or Tort for any damage arising directly or indirectly out of the supply of the goods or of the packages in which the goods are delivered. 
    4.5     The Client agrees that:
    (a)    In selecting the Equipment it does not rely on the Contractor’s skill or judgment;
    (b)    It has satisfied itself as to the Equipment’s condition, suitability and fitness for purpose and the
    validity of any warranties, guarantees and entitlements to any patents;
    5.   Certification, Maintenance, Software, Licensing and configuration:
    5.1     Unless specifically listed on this quotation, all hardware maintenance, configuration, operating system or other software licensing, software support, certification for support or any other services is excluded from this quotation and as such is the responsibility of the Client.
    6.   Delivery Commitments:
    6.1     Delivery commitments are entered into in good faith but are not guaranteed, and the Contractor shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by failure to deliver on the specified date howsoever caused. Nor shall failure be deemed to be a breach of the Contract, or any of its conditions, or part thereof.
    6.2     Refusal of the Client to accept part or whole delivery at the time specified in the Contract shall part permit the Contractor to treat the Contract as repudiated by the Client and to decline to make further deliveries without prejudice to the Contractor’s right to recover damages for breach of Contract.
    6.3     Where Contracts provide for a single delivery, goods shall be delivered and accepted as soon as ready.
    6.4     Where Contracts provide for deferred delivery such delivery shall be accepted as specified in the Contract, (or as soon thereafter as ready). In the event of failure to accept any delivery the balance remaining undelivered shall be invoiced (payment for such balance immediately thereon
    becoming due) and storage costs charged to the Client’s account, the goods being held at the Client’s
    7.   Defective Goods:
    7.1     The Contractor reserves the right at its sole discretion to decide whether any goods are defective.
    7.2     Defective goods will be replaced or rectified by the Contractor as originally ordered. If rectification or replacement is not practicable for goods listed as Sale items herein, the Contractor will credit the sale value of the goods at the invoice price provided.
    7.3     Claims under Sub-Clause 7.2 must be made in writing to the Contractor at sales@cburst.com.au within 100 business days of the date of despatch by the Contractor, otherwise the Contractor reserves the right not to replace or repair damaged or missing goods.
    7.4     The Contractor shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever and howsoever arising from any defect save as detailed in Sub-Clause 7.2 hereof.
    8.   Serial Numbers:
    8.1     If the goods are within the warranty period a serial number and warranty terms will be issued by the Contractor on notification of a fault. No goods may be returned without such a serial number being shown in the packaging. Goods returned without a valid serial number displayed will be refused or returned.
    9.   Returns:
    9.1     The Client is required to gain prior authorisation from the Contractor before any goods may be returned. 
    10. Damage and/or Loss in Transit:
    10.1   The Contractor does not accept any responsibility for shortages or for goods damaged in transit unless such shortage or damage on the delivery note if examined, or, if the goods have been signed for as not examined, notified within 48 hours and reported by separate notice in writing to the Contractor within 5 days of receipt of the goods by the Client or the Client’s agent.
    11. Force Majeure:
    11.1   The Contractor will endeavour to give delivery at the rate or within the time specified in the Contract, notwithstanding anything to the contrary expressed or implied in this Contract. The Contractor shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may be sustained by the Client through failure on the part of the Contractor to deliver at the rate or within the time specified in this Contract, for any loss or damage incurred by reason of act of God, war, riots, fires, strikes, lockouts, cessation of labour, trade disputes, breakdowns, accidents of any kind or any other cause whatsoever beyond
    the control of the Contractor whether similar to these aforesaid or not. The Contractor shall be entitled to recover all monies owing to them in respect of deliveries made or services performed prior to such failure. The time of any such suspension will be added to the time of original Contract (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any inability to obtain the necessary import or export licences or consents of any governmental or other authority).
    12. Cancellation of Orders:
    12.1   Cancellation of an order, in whole or part cannot be accepted without the Contractor’s consent
    in writing which shall only be given on a full indemnity provided by the Client to the Contractor.
    12.2   Cancellation of an order will only be entertained prior to delivery of the products/services.
    12.3   In the event that the Client cancels an order, the Client agrees to pay a restocking fee of 25% of the value of the goods and/or services quoted plus any freight or other charges incurred by the Supplier up to that point.
    13. Terms of Payment:
    13.1   Unless agreed otherwise in writing, payment terms are strictly 30 days.
    13.2   For goods and services quoted, the Client will be invoiced upon purchase order acceptance.
    13.3   The Client agrees to pay the full amount of such invoices, without dispute or set-off and regardless of any short-coming or delay in the services being provided by the Contractor.
    13.4   Surcharges for payment by credit card facility are 2% for Visa or Mastercard and 3.5% for
    American Express. No other cards are accepted.
    13.5   Interest at 2.0% per month (or part of a month) will be payable by the Client to the Contractor
    on any overdue payments plus an additional administration fee of $22.00 (inc GST) per month (or part of a month) on all overdue accounts.
    13.6   If the Client shall fail to make any payment when it becomes due or shall enter into composition or arrangement with its creditors, or if being an incorporated company it shall have a Receiver appointed or shall pass a resolution for winding up or a Court shall make an Order to that effect or if not being an incorporated company it shall have a Receiving Order made against it or if there shall be any breach by the Client of any of the Terms and Conditions hereof, the Contractor may, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies defer or cancel any further deliveries and the Client’s right to possession of any rented goods and/or equipment immediately ceases and it must return the Goods and Equipment to the Contractor on demand together with all instruction manuals and other information provided by the original supplier.
    13.7   All dishonoured payments made by the Client to the Contractor shall attract a $55.00 (GST
    inclusive) administration fee. 
    14. Title:
    14.1   For goods and services quoted as Sale items herein, the ownership of the goods will only be transferred to the Client on payment in full by the Client for the said goods. The Contractor reserves the right to list these goods on the PPSR registry (www.ppsr.gov.au) as owned by the Contractor until such payment is received.
    14.2   Should the Client remain in default of any payment for which the Client is liable to the Contractor, the Contractor reserves the right to decline to make any further deliveries irrespective of which Contract with the Client they spring from, and to rescind the Contract in question without judicial interposition, all this without prejudicing the Contractor’s right to full compensation and without prejudicing the Contractor’s right to take back at once from the Client goods which by virtue of this Clause are still the Contractor’s property.
    14.3   The Client shall store all goods delivered by the Contractor but for which payment has not
    been made, in such a way as to be clearly separate and identifiable from the Client’s other goods and products and the Client hereby grants to the Contractor its servants or agents the right to enter on to the Client’s premises for the purposes of recovering such goods at any time until payment.
    14.4   Notwithstanding the above, for goods quoted as Sale items herein, if the Client shall sell any goods delivered in such manner as to pass to a third party a valid title to the goods, the Client shall hold the proceeds of such sale on trust for the Contractor; providing that nothing herein shall constitute the Client the agent of the Contractor for the purposes of any such sub-sale and also providing that the Client shall not be entitled to sell such goods after the appointment of a Receiver to its property, or it has been placed in liquidation, or, not being a company, has committed an act of bankruptcy.
    14.5   The Client shall assume the risk of loss or damage to the goods from the date of delivery and must accordingly rely on its own insurance from that date.
    14.6   The Client bears the risk of any loss, destruction, seizure of or damage to Goods and/or Equipment quoted as rental items herein, and all liability for its possession, use, operation and storage throughout the Term or until possession is recovered by the Contractor, including the risk of and liability for any personal injury or death or any property damage, however these occur.  This risk also includes any liability arising because the insurance cover is inadequate or lapses or becomes void for any reason.
    14.7  The Client indemnifies the Contractor as owner of Goods and/or Equipment listed as rental items herein, for all risks and liabilities assumed by the Client under this clause.
    14.8 For goods and services quoted as Rental items herein, the Client must at its own expense throughout the Term:
    (a)    Keep the Equipment insured against loss, theft, damage or destruction arising from any cause for the greater of its full market value or replacement value and any other insurable risk commonly insured against for similar equipment and;
    (b)    Keep the Contractor insured against all liabilities to third parties for death, personal injury and property damage and such other risks however arising in connection with the ownership, use, possession and storage of the Equipment as the Contractor may reasonably require; with an insurer acceptable to the Contractor in the names of the Client and the Contractor for their respective interests. Each insurance policy must provide that the proceeds of any claim will be paid to the Contractor or the benefit of the Contractor. The Client must comply with any directions of the Contractor in relation to any insurance proceeds paid to or for the benefit of the Client.
    14.9 Any goods supplied to Client which are subject to restrictions or provisions imposed by manufacturers’ licence conditions are supplied to the Client by the Contractor subject to any such licence restrictions or provisions. 
    15. Errata:
    15.1   Any errors and omissions made in the preparation of this sales quotation are excluded. In the event that errors or omissions are made the Contractor reserves the right to cancel and reissue this quotation.
    16. Validity of Terms and Conditions:
    16.1   The parties agree that in the event that a term or condition is ruled invalid the remaining terms and conditions will remain in force.
    16.2   Any goods supplied to the Contractor which are subject to restrictions or provisions imposed by manufacturers’ licence conditions are supplied to the Client by the Contractor subject to any such licence restrictions or provisions.
    17. Suitability of product / software / service:
    17.1   It is the Client’s responsibility to check and confirm that the products ordered are fit for purpose
    and suitable for the environment in which they are to be used/deployed.
    17.2   Once an order is placed with the Supplier, if the Client wants to change the order, either by quantity, product, software or service, changes will only be considered by the Supplier if the order has not be dispatched.
    17.3   In the event that the changes are accepted by the Supplier, the Client agrees to pay a restocking fee of 25% of the value of the goods and/or services quoted plus any freight or other charges incurred by the Supplier up to that point.
    17.4   The Client also agrees to pay any additional costs associated with ordering the new product or service.