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    DREAMS Governance Services

    The world’s only Open Source Records Management and Information Governance Solution with VERS and DoD 5015.2 Ch3 Certification.


    DREAMS offers an unmatched combination of simplicity and control to reduce business risk and strengthen compliance. DREAMS Governance Services automates the information lifecycle from capture through retention to final destruction or archive, and works with little to no intervention by users.


    Governance Services enables organisations to manage the entire information lifecycle; from content creation, through secure management, to final destruction. As part of this lifecycle, Alfresco can help with electronic discovery (eDiscovery) through powerful search, collection of documents, analytics, processing, and review – providing greater control at substantially lower costs.


    Get highly granular control over security and permissions through a combination of access controls, security clearance levels and intelligent security classification and marks to automatically secure files and records as they are created, shared and routed.



  • DREAMS Governance overview

    records management



    information lifecycle




    Security and

    Access Control




    legal holds

    eDiscovey and

    Legal Holds

  • DREAMS Governance features

    DREAMS Governance Services controls important information that needs to be retained over time. It’s used in highly regulated environments, for managing governmental information or personnel records, or where information might be audited. Fully integrated into Enterprise, DREAMS Governance Services makes it easy to work with files and have them declared as records at the right time, without changing the way you work.

    standards compliant

    Standards Compliant

    Alfresco offers the only DoD 5015.02 CH2 and CH3 Certified Open Source-based Records Management Solution, besides meeting several other standards such as VERS and ISO 16175.

    records lifecycle

    Records Lifecycle Management

    Manage end-to-end record life-cycle from creation, classification, metadata management, dissemination, retain, archive and disposition.

    retention and disposal

    Retention and Disposition

    Apply retention and disposition scheme in accordance to VERS, ISO 15489 and ISO 16175 to meet compliance requirements.

    security classification

    Security Classification

    Configure Security Classifications (e.g. Confidential, Secret) for an additional, easily implemented level of security beyond access control lists and permissions to protect your sensitive records.

    user experience

    User Centric Experience

    Easy to use records management solution to facilitate seamless user experience handling voluminous and sensitive records.

    fiel plans

    File Plan Automation

    Dynamic file plan and folder and records auto-numbering to meet your organizations requirements.

  • records lifecycle

    Records Lifecycle Management

    Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) ensures that records are captured at source, stored and managed in secure way free from tampering, fully audited, available until they destroyed or archived.

    DREAMS Governance Services lets enterprises store records and information easily and cost-effectively throughout the lifecycle while maintaining security features to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

    retention and disposal

    Retention and Disposition Policies

    Retention schedules and Disposition policies define how records are managed in the Records Management system until their eventual destruction or transfer to another location.

    DREAMS Records Management Solution offers comprehensive and configurable retention and disposition policies to meet your business requirements.

    security and compliance

    Security, Compliance and Auditing

    Information Security has evolved, and the way that you protect your organizations’ vital records and classified documents should reflect that.


    With DREAMS, you deliver the right information to the right user at the right time, while meeting records management and open government compliance standards worldwide, including VERS, ISO 15489, ISO 16175, FOIA, U.S. DoD 5015.02 CH2 and CH3, EgovG, and MoReq. So you’re protected, but not confined, and can empower your workforce without compromising your information security.

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