• DREAMS Integration and Development

    Functions include Office integration to support Content Management, greater integration into ERP applications and custom service platforms.

    The DREAMS Digital Business Platform is open by design, with a modular architecture that natively integrates seamlessly, with 60 leading business applications, right out of the box. Develop custom applications, to appreciate the extensive open APIs and developer tools that enable rapid development and faster time to value.



    With the connector for Salesforce, organizations can be more productive & collaborative across account teams, departments & applications. With a single source of truth, they can ensure that content is secure & stored for long-term record-keeping.

    Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office

    Employees collaborate on office documents every day. This integration provides an easy way to work with documents and store this important business content in the secure repository.



    The SAP-certified connector works seamlessly with SAP – whatever modules or tools are used. It is the streamlined way to offload content & data from SAP while still retaining the ability to access this information from within SAP.



    Storing content in Outlook inboxes makes it hard to find for other users in your organization. This integration makes centralizing email and attachment storage easy and compliance risks will be a thing of the past.

    Google drive

    Google Drive

    Process Services integrates with Google Drive to help speed up your workflows. Our powerful BPM engine transforms Google Drive from a useful add-on to an integral part of your business processes.



    Box is a collaboration tool through and through and not optimized for business processes. With this integration, users can still share content through Box, but their processes will be more intelligent than ever before.

    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 connector

    The Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365 provides native integration to author Microsoft Office documents and collaborate seamlessly in real time using familiar Office web applications. Content is permanently stored in Alfresco for a single source of truth, avoiding the inherent risks of information silos.

    Google docs

    Google Docs

    Google Docs is a worthy alternative to the traditional Microsoft Office suite for collaboration. Employees can easily work on content, and when they are done the changes are automatically saved back to Alfresco.

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